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The famous International Antarctic Centre in Christchurch, New Zealand:

The Antarctic Attraction at the International Antarctic Centre, located next to Christchurch International Airport allows you to experience Antarctica in a fun, exciting all weather environment. Experience real Antarctic conditions with Audiovisual and Touch Screen technology and feel "genuine" Antarctic wind chill or slide down a snow slope in the Snow & Ice Experience.

While you're enjoying the attraction, take the chance to enjoy the great Antarctic Hagglund Ride. The International Antarctic Centre, twice winner of the prestigious NZ Tourism Awards for Best Attraction also offers exclusive Antarctic product in the Antarctic Shop and delicious meals in the Cafi and Bar.
Front view of the International Antarctic Centre.Very few people have the opportunity to experience the awesome and magical beauty of Antarctica first-hand.

At the Antarctic Attraction their aim is to re-create the atmosphere and environment of Antarctica, providing visitors with an interactive, fun and exciting experience of the "Great White South". For most people this will be the closest they will be able to come to experiencing this continent. They invite you to explore a selection of the Attraction's features ...

The Four Seasons

Visitors are captivated as the four seasons of Antarctica unfold within a stunning 6 minute sound and light show. Feel the chill of winter and watch the beautiful sunsets marking the arrival of autumn before three months of total darkness.

Scott Base

Step into the warm interior of your own 'Scott Base' and discover life down on the Ice with exhibits provided by the New Zealand Antarctic Programme. "Today from Antarctica", the touch screen photographic diary, brings you magnificent images from this beautiful wilderness at the bottom of the world, updated daily by direct download from a staff member at Scott Base.

The "Snow & Ice Experience"

Children enjoying the snow experience Snow at the Antarctic CentreBy far the most popular feature in their indoor attraction, this custom-built polar room contains real snow & ice made on site by their very own snowmakers!

Maintaining a constant temperature of a chilling -5 degrees Celsius, the Snow & Ice Experience is great fun for all ages.

Slide down an icy slope, shelter in the ice cave, brave the wind chill machine at -18 degrees Celsius, or get 'exhilarated' in the "Antarctic Storm". Complete with stunning lighting, authentic storm audio and 40 km/h winds, the Antarctic Storm blows every 30 minutes.

The Hagglund Ride:

Climb aboard the amazing Hagglund, their Antarctic all-terrain amphibian vehicle! Buckle up and experience travelling across wild Antarctic terrain in this unique and exciting machine!
The Famous Hagglund all-terain vehiclesThe all-terain Hagglunds This adventure ride, set amidst a working Antarctic Campus, is the only one of its type in the world. It follows in the footsteps of modern day Antarctic adventurers and showcases both the challenging terrain of Antarctica and the amazing capabilities of the Hagglund vehicle which enable it to function in such demanding conditions.

The outdoor adventure course is designed to put the Hagglund through its paces in a fun but very safe environment. Visitors buckle up before they are taken out on an exhilarating ride over mounds, up and over a steep hill, across a crevasse, speeding across open ground, and idling through a pool of water to show off the vehicle's amphibious capabilities.

The Hagglund is the same tracked vehicle used in Antarctica by most of the current Antarctic Programmes based down on the Ice, including those of the United States and New Zealand. Aside from having had minor modifications to ensure safety and comfort (such as air-conditioning, seatbelts and access steps), the Hagglund vehicles in their fleet remain in the same condition and sporting the same features as you would find in working Hagglunds currently being used in Antarctica today.

Warm jackets and overshoes are provided. The Snow & Ice Experience and Antarctic Storm are a must for all visitors, especially those who have never seen snow before! A great photo opportunity!

The Gallery:

Ride the SkidooDress up in polar gear. The Gallery area is packed full of informative displays showcasing modern-day Antarctica, including the Antarctic Treaty and it's member nations, the impact of humans on the continent, the flora and fauna ecosystems and Antarctica's effect on the globe. Our Gallery area encourages 'touching' of most of the exhibits to ensure visitors experience Antarctica in a fun and interactive way.

The Antarctic marine environment is one of the richest on earth; their Aquarium displays some of the actual specimens from the Antarctic ocean floor in Mc Murdo Sound.

The Campsite:

Visitors can explore a replica Antarctic field camp. This campsite provides great photo opportunities as visitors dress up in survival clothing, sit astride a 'skidoo' or pose by a polar tent back-dropped by an impressive ice vista.

"The Great White South" ~ Audio Visual Show

Educational programThe Antarctic centre shop Visitors conclude their flow through the indoor attraction with a 14 min sound and light show in our audio-visual theatre.

This stunning audio visual is simply majestic, captivating its audience and leaving visitors with a moving experience of "having been there".

For more information go here to the International Antarctic Centre website.

Please note, Royston B&B are more than happy to book this unique experience for you whilst staying with us.

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